The Great Sphinx at Giza

-Sara Hudyn

I did some digging to find out a little bit more about the missing nose on the great sphinx and although there are some great conspiracy ideas about what happened no one is completely sure, like we talked about in class. However, this website did give alot of detailed information about the sphinx that I thought would be cool to share.


Old Kingdom & First Intermediate Period

Old Kingdom & First Intermediate Period

– Chris Mullen

Little known fact: Imhotep’s status as physician, high priest, official scribe, vizier, and architect extraordinaire gave him the most influence in the royal court after the pharaoh himself, (not so bad for a guy who also has the title of Maker of Vases in Chief). Of course “Director of the Project to Build King Djoser’s Step Pyramid” would look good on anyone’s resume!

Learn more interesting facts about the Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period by clicking through the link!